Practical Biology

A collection of experiments that demonstrate biological concepts and processes.

Interpreting information about sweating and temperature

This is a paper exercise. Data relating to sweating and body temperature are presented on the student sheet with questions guiding presentation and analysis.

Lesson organisation

You could require written answers, or use this as a group discussion exercise. Students could present the initial data set using spreadsheet software, or by plotting a graph manually. An Excel sheet of the data is provided.

Apparatus and Chemicals

For each group of students:

 Interpretting information about sweating and temperature as handout.

Health & Safety


Discuss the data described on the student sheet.
Discuss the investigative method and its results. Make any appropriate conclusions.

Teaching notes

Homeostasis is a technical term meaning ‘staying the same’ which biologists use to describe the processes by which living things maintain steady levels of vital chemicals or a steady temperature in their bodies.

Health & Safety checked, September 2009


Download the student sheet  Interpreting information about sweating and temperature (244KB) with questions and answers.

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